Alegra Cole feat. Eve La Beauf "I don't want" moodorama rework (mfcp)



Remix "Eyes"  EP: Zero Gravity (Music For Collapsing People)

Artist "Lone Electrone"


"Lessons in Love" EP (Music For Collapsing People)

Laid back, effortless sound, starting with really smooth bossa nova „lessons in love“. In this EP we were  focusing on our musical vision: quite sexy, exclusive lounge music. A new, reproduced version of „Lessons in love“, which was already on Cafe del Mar-Terrace Mix 2011.





Album "SIX" (Mole Listening Pearls)


2012 finally we rediscovered and reinvented the moodorama spirit with our new album „Six“. Thousands of ideas had accumulated across the years, so many half finished songs had to be sorted out. Our sound developed to a more authentic style. Each song has its own personality, such as Mrs. 80ties sunny poptunes style „Wondering Why“, the James Bond score „Golden Gate“, German-Jewish-Reggae Klezmer Sound in „Misguided“.


Cover Artwork SiX: MondoShiva



"moodorama vs." (Music For Collapsing People)

The album „moodorama vs.“ is the result of an extended electronic search for inspiration.
The variety of musicians in our studio coming and going each day left their
musical footprints. We collected all the ideas and influences,
checked out different styles and singers, loving all of them, and joined them on the
first remix album.







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